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Classic Vanilla

Old fashion buttery vanilla cake with vanilla swiss meringue buttercream.

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& Cream

Vanilla cake filled with layers of strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream. Coated in fresh...

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German Chocolate

Cocoa fudge cake with layers of buttery coconut pecan filling. Topped with chocolate...

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Cocoa Fudge

Rich moist chocolate cake with layers of fudge buttercream. Topped with chocolate swirls...

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Old Fashioned
Peanut Butter

Cocoa fudge cake with layers of chocolate buttercream. Coated in salted peanut butter frosting...

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Nana's Carrot Cake

Classic carrot cake with toasted walnuts mixed in. Layers of thick cream cheese frosting topped...

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Birthday Cake

Vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles swirled in the batter. Topped with vanilla buttercream and confetti...

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Toast Crunch

Cereal milk cake layered with whipped brown sugar buttercream. Coated in crushed cinnamon...


Classic Vanilla: Vanilla cake topped with vanilla buttercream

Cocoa Fudge: Chocolate cake topped with chocolate buttercream and dipped in chocolate jimmies

Birthday Cake: Funfetti cake topped with vanilla buttercream and confetti sprinkles

Strawberries & Cream: Vanilla cake topped with fresh strawberry buttercream

Nana's Carrot Cake: Carrot cake topped with thick cream cheese frosting

Old Fashion Peanut Butter: Chocolate cake topped with salted peanut butter frosting

Red Velvet: Red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting

Lemon: Lemon cake topped with cream cheese frosting

Base Pricing - $2.75 per cupcake
Minimum 2 dozen per flavor

Contact for custom orders


Chocolate Chip




Oatmeal Cinnamon

Brown Butter Gingersnap

Peanut Butter Marshmallow

Base Pricing - $1.75 per cookie
Minimum 2 dozen per flavor

Contact for custom orders